Saturday, January 12, 2008


my grand daughter"Niloufar"1/10 Old started to speaking about every thing.
she says to me baba amad" بابا احمد" she says sometimes only "Amad" I say
to her, Niloufar "how much you loved me" she says chata" 4"

she used to be pretty words such as" shimoz-شیرموز-pesse-پسته-ashal-عسل

patty- فاطی- shib-سیب- I yay you--I love you".....

for me personally it is the best days of my life


Blogger Ocean said...

Hi Ashkavand,

It is so cute. I know the best time is when they use words but they mis-pronounce it! I love that in kids.
You must love her so much.
God bless her.

1:15 AM  

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