Wednesday, May 20, 2009

General Pershing

General Pershing was a famous American officer. He was in the American army, and fought in Europe in the First World War.

After he died, some people in his home town wanted to remember him, so they' put up a big statue of him on a horse.

There was a school near the statue, and some of the boys passed it every day on their way to school and again on their way home. After a few months some of them began to say, 'Good morning, Pershing', whenever they passed the statue, and soon all the boys at the school were doing this.

One Saturday one of the smallest of these boys was walking to the shops with his mother when he passed the statue. He said, 'Good morning, Pershing' to it, but then he stopped and said to his mother, 'I like Pershing very much, Ma, but who's that funny man on his back?'

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