Saturday, June 02, 2007

Kathleen Raineكتلين رين

If You Go DeepIf you go deepInto the heartWhat do you find there?Fear, fear,Fear of the jaws of the rock,Fear of the teeth and splinters of iron that tearFlesh from the bone, and the moistBlood, running unfeltFrom the wound, and the handSuddenly moist and red.If you go deepInto the heartWhat do you find?Grief, grief,Grief for the life unlived,For the loves unloved,For the child never to be born,Th'unbidden anguish, when the fair moonRises over still summer seas, and the painOf sunlight scattered in vain on spring grass.If you go deeperInto the heartWhat do you find there?Death, death,Death tht lets all go by,Lets the blood flow from the wound,Lets the night pass,Endures the day with indifference, knowing that all must end.Sorrow is not forever, ad senseEndures no extremities,Death is the last Secret implicit within you, the hidden, the deepestKnowledge of all you will ever unfoldIn this body of earth.


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