Sunday, August 19, 2007


In the decade of the 1970 s, the United Nations organized several important meeting on the human environment to study a very serious problem. We humans are destroying the world around us. We humans are destroying the world around us. We are using up all of our natural resources. We must learn to conserve them, or life will be very bad for our children and our grandchildren. There are several major parts to this problem.Population. Most problems of the environment come from population growth. In 1700 there were 625 million people in the world. In 1900 there were 1.6 billion, in 1950 2.5 billion and in 1980 4.4 billion . In the year 2000 there were 6.3 billion More people need more water , more food , more wood , and more petroleum.Distribution. Scientists say there is enough water in the world for everyone. But some countries have a lot of water and some have only a little. Some areas get all their rain during one season. The rest of the year is dry . There are huge forgets in the Amazon area of Brazil. In other parts of the world there is only desert.Petroleum. We are using the world's petroleum. We use it in our cars and to heat our buildings in winter. Farmers use petrochemicals to make the soil rich. They use them to kill insects that eat plants. These chemicals go into rivers and lakes and kill the fish there. Thousands of people also die from these chemicals every year. Chemicals also go in to the air and pollute it . Winds carry this polluted air to other countries and other continents.Poverty. Poor farmers use the same land over and over. The land needs a rest so it will be better next year. However the farmer must have food this year. Poor people cut down trees for firewood. In some areas when the trees are gone, the land becomes desert. However, people need wood to cook their food now. Poor people cannot save the environment for the future.We now have the information and the ability to solve these huge problems. However, it is not a problem for one country or one area of the world. It is a problem for all humans.The people and the nations of the world must work together to conserve the word's resources. No one controls the future. But we all help make it.



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