Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I woke up this morning,
with lots of things to do,
my life is great and I'm satisfied,
just thinking things on through,
for I have everything I want,
except what my soul's into.


I thought today just what I need,
I thought I need the best of ladies,
give a name and build family,
lay down a good, strong legacy,
for life is great, so great,
a man and woman with kids make eight.

I took heed, deep in my soul,
my feelings and my mind are sold,
yes, its better to get married,
have intelligent children, eyes starry,
treat my love with much respect,
live and love, good things collect.

I make the bread my career is new,
everything I do it comes on through,
I go to parties I'm always thrilled,
but still sometimes my heart feels grilled,
burning for what's really good,
spouse, children, large strong family


Blogger Ocean said...

Hi Ashkavand,

I wish you and your family lots of joy and prosperity.

Take care

4:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salam omidvaram haletoon khoob bashe.mikhastam azatoon yek soal beporsam.shoma chera hich vaght darbareye shoghletoon harfi nemizanin.shayad baraye kasani ke be veblage shoma sar mizanan jaleb bashe ke shoma che shoghli darin

9:34 AM  

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