Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Love and Hate

If in doubt about your love,
dont continue, till you`ve not
pondered on it and made certain.
If you continue it, you have to wait
for falling into the pit

They say 'there`s a hair`s distance
between love and hate'
i know this,so when i was cheated ,
i raised a high stone wall instead of
that hair,so to remain in love forever

From the moment of entering love
try to empty your room
from knife, pill,acids and the like.
you see, when you`re faced
with treachery,
every one of these items becomes
as dangerous as a bomb.

Every body thinks love and falling in
love is a good thing.
it may be so,
but someone who has tasted the
deadly taste of separation ,
would never dare to test love
even for a laugh...

Good Luck


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