Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thirsty of Fresh air

dying of thirst at your sweet springBy your dear soul is a sorrowful story It was the spring of my life, the misfortunate one When you addressed me "what an autumn!"

*************اي رهگذران وادي هستي از وحشت مرگ مي‌زنم فرياد بر سينه سرد گور بايد خفت هر لحظه به مار بوسه بايد دادO the wayfarers of the mortal worldI cry, out of the fear of deathOne must sleep in the cold bed
of gravesEvery moment must give kiss to snakes

من تشنه اين هواي جان بخشم ديوانه اين بهار و پاييزم تا مرگ نيامدست برخيزم در دامن زندگي بياويزمI am thirsty for this fresh airMad for this spring and autumnBefore death calls on meI should get up and cling to the life

*************شب‌هاي بي‌پايان نخفتم پيغام انسان را به انسان باز گفتم

Many nights I stayed awake To retell the message of man to another man


Blogger Ocean said...

Hi Ashkavand,

Are these poeams yours?

8:36 AM  

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